B & C Pennants

Hi All,

Hope you have all fulfilled your Anzac Day commitments and those of you competing in the above are all fired up and ready to go.

Let me clear up a few misconceptions that I have heard about today.


Pioneer Valley Ross Byrnes, Jim Johnson and Peter Brittian – sorry not Bob Platt as I have been hearing today, somebody is misinformed.

Home Hill Bob Platt and whoever he can scrounge up to help

Mystic Sands The Ugly and the Beautiful – Wayne MacCarthy and The Lovely Girls

A couple of notes for all to ponder -

Comiserations to all at Pioneer Valley as I have been informed that you will have to put up with John Brown and his crew from Rowes Bay playing C Grade, the rest of the team will be fine but John Brown I am not sure of to say the least.

To everybody at Home Hill please note that Ross and Kath from Black Springs have scraped the bottom of the barrell and due to the fact that one of their C Grade players has ended up in hospital Bob Platt has been made an honorary member of their Club and will play at number 8 for them.  Now that will be fun for all concerned.

Sorry but if I am taking the mickey out of other people then I should do it to myself OK…..






—–Original Message—– From: Lavarack Golf Club Inc [mailto:lavarackgolfclub@bigpond.com] Sent: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 9:27 AM To: maviscarvo@tpg.com.au; deb.brownson@aanet.com.au; valal68@bigpond.com; julie.reed@impulse.net.au; ‘Bob Platt’; bruce@formset.com.au; bobdianne@bigpond.com; laslett2000@bigpond.com; pat@willowsgolfresort.com.au; schultink1@bigpond.com Subject: Emailing: POSTER LADIES OPEN 2014 PLUS eNTRY fORM POSTER LADIES OPEN 2014 PLUS ENTRY FORM FOR LAVARACK LADIES OPEN doc icon POSTER-LADIES-OPEN-2014-PLUS-eNTRY-fORM.doc

Home Hill Open 2014 Men’s Flyer and Nomination Form

From: Elliott Gullotta [mailto:elliottgullotta@yahoo.com.au] Sent: Tuesday, 15 April 2014 7:16 PM To: president@golfnq.org.au; bsgc@bigpond.net.au Subject: Home Hill Open 2014 Men’s Flyer and Nomination Form Hi Bob and Ross, Can you please distribute and forward the attached flyer and nomination form to all the clubs. If you have any questions in relation to the attached documentation please don’t hesitate to email or give me a call. Cheers Elliott Gullotta President 0428 712 168 doc icon 2014-NQIB-Home-Hill-Mens-Open-Flyer.docx
xls icon 2014-Home-Hill-Open-Nomination-Form.xlsx

Lavarack Open

Sorry all but due to a little blow and some, well plenty of, rain Lavarack Open has been postponed to a date to be fixed.

Apologies for the delay but everyone has been busy and we hope that all are safe, including all our golfers.


Lavarack Open

Have just received advise from Lavarack that their Men’s Open is to go ahead today as the course is still in good condition.

Apologies that the GNQ Officials won’t be playing as it is a long way to come with the weather as it is.

Good luck to all.